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Rammstein - 2013-04-24 Lyon, France

Not easily broken.

So, yesterday I was supposed to have gone with this guy to the Weenie Roast. He invited me Thursday night and said he’d text me that night, but as usual I got nothing. I texted him Friday and Saturday and got nothing. I was being 50/50 about everything. After three came and went I knew that he wasn’t coming and wasn’t going to. That got me pissed and that was the last draw. I wrote his number down and then deleted it from my phone. No way I was going to be played by this boy who is full of excuses and lies. I’m tired of him lying to me and just using me for sex. Crappy sex that is, but that’s from him not me because I’m the shiznit in bed. Anyways, I don’t want a man err “boy” who doesn’t want me or who isn’t serious about me. Man fuck that shit! I’m worthy to someone out there, but that’s not happening because I’ve been played too many times. I’m just so tired of everything.


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