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Horst P. Horst is one of most recognizable names in fashion photography, and for good reason! Horst pioneered a distinct style for fashion shoots in a pre-digital world.

The V&A Museum in London teamed up with the director of Horst’s estate and compiled a killer retrospective of this photographers prolific career.

V&A Museum’s Exhibition on Legendary Fashion Photog. Horst P. Horst

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"Call Mr. Plow,
That’s my name.
That name again is Mr. Plow” #simpsonsmarathon #fxx #mrplow #EverySimpsonsEver

Ain’t it the truth.

Ain’t it the truth.

So me and my boy are planning on getting matching tattoos. Yepp.. I’ll just let that sit. And no we’re not getting the infinity sign. I told him it’s over played and that everyone has it. I wanted something as such different but simple with meaning. If tattoos 16/17 are a mistake in the eyes of some then so be it. Not everything has to have approval.

Tonight’s the night in your arms again
Be the one to make me whole and then
Say whatever you have to say to me on and honestly — Taproot

Re-watching the #TAMU game.

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Rain. #texasweather #houstonweather #photogrid

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Today.. Phil cancelled The Price is Right for good reasons. Not even an issue.

Excited to see the Ags beat South Carolina in which they did.

Then that’s when it went downhill. Paul and I were talking and I kinda shot myself in the foot. From there I blurted out I wanted friends only. To speed things up we are starting on a clean slate.

Oh somewhere in between all of this Ernest texted me stating how not happy he was. I almost feel sorry for him. I just feel it’s my civic duty to help the less fortunate.

Speaking of Mike messaged me. Then he got sick and we had to cut our convo short. Poor thing I hope he feels better. Love that man.


#GigEm 👍🏈 (at I-45 Signs)

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